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Welcome to Morin Trainer web site, a reference to inform archery athletes who use the Morin Trainer.

The Morin Trainers - Training tools for archery

In several years of research including 34 years in the field of teaching archery in physical education, this educational tool has allowed many athletes to improve different aspects of shooting such as technique, biomechanic, psychomotor and psychology, and therefore appear on the international stage.

This training system accelerates learning by the process of programming the execution of the shoot without the constraints of real shooting. These are essential tools to prevent and to help resolving target panic syndrome with the use of visualization techniques. At educational level, these tools are essential for coach who wishes to transmit all aspects of shooting to his athletes from beginners to professionals. This tool can be used to turn on, engage and calibrate every muscle and their fibers, and therefore optimizing the efficiency of the shoot as a whole. With repetitions needed to program, improve and maintain kinesthetic feeling between real shooting sessions, the Morin Trainer gives to archer the confidence in his acquire skills. Whatever style of shooting, Morin Trainers become indispensable for warming up before shooting sessions without the explosive effect of elastic aid.

These versions of Morin Trainer are offered to meet different specifications of shooting. Some athletes use several models to work on different aspects of shooting and for different training techniques.

Getting a Morin Trainer

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