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Morin Trainer
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The Morin Trainer (compound and recurve) 2012

This training tool is essential in order to accelerate your shooting evolution. This simulator also allows the coach to transmit his ideas without the matter of a real shooting.

Teaching archery in physical education resulted in several years of research. This teaching aid makes it possible for several athletes to improve various aspects of their shooting, on the technical level as psychological in order to be reproduced as well on the international scene. For the beginners as well as for the professionals, it allows multiple repetitions in order to program, improve or simply maintain a kinaesthesia feeling between the practices of shooting. Each muscle involved in this operation must be activated so that each muscle fibre is used adequately to maximize a perfect shoot.

Please use this document to choose the appropriate Thera-Band color :
Thera-Band Color Table

#1- The adjustment node (#1) makes it possible to modify your draw length. To add or shorten your draw length, you only have to pull up to shorten or down to lengthen. The #1b part, lock your draw length but, the #1c part should be permanently at this place.

#2- Because of the internal part, the elastic tube is stretched from 5 to 6 inches. For better simulating the final part of the lengthening-piece, it stops abruptly to use a barrier (wall) in order to give the pressure necessary to release of the finger or the release.

#3- This loop allows inserting a release. For the fingers shooting, this part can be moved to the bottom in order to leave space.

#4- Sling - The sling is necessary in order to limit the effect of projection during release. During the movement, part #4b allows an adjustment in order to prevent the sling from falling off. In order not to impair your shooting, it is important to place the part #4 such as the photo shows us in diagram #5.

#5- The hand holding the bow must be placed on the tube (#5b) at the angle corresponding to your bow grip (#5c). At full extension, resist without stiffening the hand in order to allow a direct projection. If the lower tube has tendency to slip, place your thumb as forward as possible in order to simulate the support of your bow. It is possible to insert your own grip on the tube but it is preferable to lock it with a tie wrap (#5d).

#6- The excess cord makes it possible to vary the draw length approximately from 22 to 36 inches. Hanging a lightweight at the end of this loop (#6b) is possible, in order to improve the stability of your shooting or simply to simulate gravity of your bow. The swinging of this weight could also develop the ability necessary to stabilize your sight.

#7- Helping you to better perceives and improves all the alternatives of shooting with your fingers.

#8- Refines all aspects of the release of your choice.

SAFETY TIP: During your practice, wearing the sling is obligatory in order to limit the projection of this apparatus. Envisioning a secure space is mandatory. This is not designed to simulate the real load of your bow but rather to simulate or plan a movement without constraint of overload.